Riskified’s mission is to eliminate
the inefficiencies of eCommerce.

We are a team of researchers and engineers with years of experience building risk systems. We respect each other's intelligence and work tirelessly to take complex technology and present simple solutions for our customers.

Eido Gal

CEO at Riskified. Prior to Riskified, Eido worked on building risk and identity solutions for PayPal and Fraudsciences.

Assaf Feldman

CTO at Riskified. A graduate of the MIT Media Lab. Assaf brings 15 years of experience in combining predictive algorithms backend with rich user interfaces.

Aviad Sela

Operations at Riskified. Formerly an analytics team leader at PayPal, specializing in tailoring fraud solutions for online retailers

Tomer Levy

Head of analytics at Riskified. Prior to Riskified, Tomer was a member of the analytics teams at PayPal and Billguard, developing fraud detection solutions for both merchants and consumers

Natalie Goodis

Account Executive at Riskified. California native and Stanford grad excited about onboarding new merchants and building lasting relationships.

Andy Freedman

Marketing at Riskified. Boston native crazy about building brands, the Red Sox and making sure online merchants know how to protect themselves from fraud.

Rotem Amitai

HR at Riskified. Responsible for recruiting and the well well-being of Riskified employees. Enjoys travel and collecting luxury handbags.

Assaf Schers

Full-stack engineer at Riskified. Loves coding all parts of the system, from machine learning to front-end development.

Zvika Rubin

Software Engineer at Riskified. Has almost a decade of experience in fraud prevention from his days at Fraud Sciences and PayPal. When he’s not writing novels, Zvika develops tools for our analysts.

Tom Reznikov

Head of design at Riskified. Since graduating from Wizo Academy in 2011, Tom has been working in her own studio as a graphic designer, specializing in design of arts and culture.

Oded Weinreb

Product manager at Riskified. Enjoys making merchants' lives easier by building interfaces that simplify their risk management process. Working towards a Masters degree in psychology.

Eyal Raab

Software Engineer at Riskified. Brings experience ranging from embedded and distributed systems to gaming. Doing what needs to be done.

Nimrod Ram

Software Engineer at Riskified. Over a decade of experience leading large-scale engineering teams. Adjunct lecturer in undergraduate and graduate interdisciplinary art and technology programs.

Omri Mosseri

Software Engineer at Riskified. A true believer in good software. Enjoys traveling and extreme sports.

Anna Slavin

Analyst at Riskified. Formerly led the risk and payments team for an online investments platform. Combining her military experience and academic background in Psychology, Anna is the team's expert in Behavioral Analytics.

Uri Marom

Research & Development at Riskified. Brings almost a decade of experience in fraud prevention and risk from his days at Analyzd, Klarna, and PayPal. Completing MA in Orchestral Conducting and musician with folk music band.

Adam Fineberg

Research & Development at Riskified. Believes all data is good, as well as stopping online fraud. Enjoys combining these beliefs with his passion for machine learning.

Aline Guisky

Research & Development at Riskified. After a BSc and MBA at Tel Aviv University, Aline joined Riskified’s data science team. She is the proud owner of Riskfied’s favorite office dog - Chewie!

Haim Ashkenazi

Software Engineer / DevOps at Riskified. Brings many years of experience as an operations consultant specializing in large scale deployments.

Inbar Yogev

Software Engineer at Riskified. 15 years experience as a DBA, specializing in database and system performance. Loves data, lives for data (and other stuff as well)

Ofer Chen

Analyst at Riskified. Previously a product manager at Kampyle and, in an earlier life, a psychometric test instructor. As a data enthusiast, Ofer enjoys building cutting edge dashboards for our merchants.

Matana Soreff

Senior Analyst at Riskified. Formerly worked on the merchant side of fraud prevention. She enjoys the challenge of keeping up with fraudsters in an ever changing e-commerce landscape.

Emilie Grunzweig

Analyst at Riskified. Former correspondent and editor at several national media bodies, Emilie brings her background in politics to the world of fraud.

Eliav Lavi

Analyst at Riskified. A recent graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Eliav enjoys researching scam patterns and fighting fraud.

Alon Stein

Analyst at Riskified. Physicist using his background in Quantum mechanics to fight fraud and make e-commerce safer for merchants.

Amir Dolev

Analyst at Riskified. Fresh off a BA degree in Economics and Political Science at the Hebrew University. When not preventing fraud, Amir enjoys hiking and photography.

Eyal Berman

Analyst at Riskified. Prior to Riskified, worked at Verint Systems, gaining a broad experience in data analysis and business intelligence. In his spare time, Eyal is pursuing a BSc in computer science at Tel Aviv University.

Daniel Marton

Analyst at Riskified. Currently working towards a Masters degree in Biochemistry at Bar-Ilan University. When not fighting fraud, Daniel coaches youth volleyball.

Mor Epel

Analyst at Riskified. Prior to Riskified, Mor was a financial analyst at Verint Systems, and served as a research analyst in the Military Intelligence. When she's not preventing fraud, Mor is pursuing a BA in Economics and Management from Tel Aviv University.

Drorit Baron

Research & Development at Riskified. A recent grad from Tel Aviv University with a double-major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Aucher Serr

Business Analyst at Riskified.. A Bay Area transplant, Aucher studied Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley. Apart from extending Riskified’s merchant base, Aucher spends her time exploring everything Tel Aviv has to offer.

Elad David

Business Analyst at Riskified. A Maryland native, Elad joined Riskified after working as a researcher in the renewable energy domain. Besides crabcakes and taking care of our merchants, Elad loves the intersection of technology and government.

Shalhevet Zohar

Content Manager at Riskified. Shalhevet is experienced in data analysis, writing, and editing. Prior to Riskified, Shalhevet worked at Leadspace and The Jerusalem Post. She holds a BA in International Relations and East Asian Studies from the Hebrew University.

Omer Kahani

Software Engineer at Riskified. Fresh out of the army, Omer has extensive software development experience from his years in the Military Intelligence.

Idan Portal

Designer at Riskified. Studied at Bezalel Academy. Prior to Riskified, Idan worked at Calcalist, Open branding firm and Time Out Israel. In addition to being extremely talented and creative, Idan is a certified medic.

Elad Stauberg

Analyst at Riskified. Elad has experience in sales and CRM management. Before joining Riskified, Elad worked at Hewlett Packard and Treepodia. He earned a BSc in Industrial and Management Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Aglika Docheva

Head of finance at Riskified. Before working at Riskified, Aglika served as a consultant to web intelligence companies and was associate director at New York University Office of Budget and Financial Planning. Aglika earned a BA in Economics from Columbia University and an MBA in Strategy, Finance, and Accounting from New York University.

Idan Hayon

Analyst at Riskified. Idan served as a commander in the Military Intelligence. He is currently pursuing an MSc in Life Sciences from Tel Aviv University.

Arik Vartanian

Software Engineer at Riskified. Arik is experienced in the fields of machine learning, data mining, and information security. Prior to Riskified, Arik worked at Deutsche Telecom, and Manageware. He holds a BSc and an MSc in Information Systems Engineering from Ben-Gurion University.

Roni Goldman

Analyst at Riskified. After serving as a researcher in the Airforce Intelligence, Roni graduated with honors from the IDC in Herzeliya, where she earned a BA in Psychology.

Yoav Magor

Analyst at Riskified. Prior to Riskified, Yoav worked at Wix, Boxee and Microsoft. Yoav earned a BsC in Information Systems Engineering from Ben-Gurion University.


Our investment team includes some of the world's leading funds. They help us achieve our vision.