Fraud Is Unpredictable, Profitability Shouldn’t Be: Why the C-Suite Needs an Accountable Fraud Management Partner

Accountability is the glue that holds our operations together. It’s about taking responsibility for maintaining the integrity of our business environment. Just as we’re responsible for the well-being of our families and communities, as executive leaders, we’re accountable for our teams’ success and the outcomes they achieve. However, confusion often arises between accountability and consequences. … Continued

How Vestiaire Collective Scaled Its Fraud Operations

In October 2009, Sébastien Fabre founded Vestiaire Collective, an online marketplace dedicated to pre-owned luxury fashion. Five co-founders quickly joined the adventure. The goal was to make high-end clothing and accessories affordable by authenticating and controlling 100% of the catalogue, while providing easy and secure transactions for buyers and sellers alike. The company quickly grew into … Continued

Policy Abuse Is Not a Policy Problem, It's a Data Problem

What’s the biggest barrier to fighting returns abuse? Is it too-lenient policies? Last-mile delivery issues? Slow claims reviews? In Policy Abuse and Its Impact on Merchants, a new survey of more than 300 global ecommerce merchants by World Business Research (WBR), respondents pointed to a number of challenges:  One of the biggest problems isn’t the … Continued

AusPayNet: 6 Surprising Things Every Merchant Needs to Know About Its CNP Fraud Mitigation Framework

Ever heard of the Australia Payments Network (AusPayNet) CNP Fraud Mitigation Framework? If not, you’re not alone. And you’re fortunate. Merchants taking card-not-present (CNP) payments in Australia often learn the hard way about this fraud-reduction program when they get dinged for excessive chargebacks by the Australian Payments Network (AusPayNet). How do we know? Because they … Continued

Ecommerce Trends 2023: 4 Things for Merchants to Consider

The world is at a turning point as it exits an era of digital transformation. Ecommerce is still on a growth trajectory and is estimated to reach $8.14 trillion in global revenue by 2026 despite the hits it took in 2022. However, faced with rising energy and goods prices due to rising geopolitical tensions, global … Continued

The Full Cart, EP 203: The Policy Paradigm Shift

In the eCommerce world as in life, Q4–the “golden quarter”, as it’s often known–is responsible for about a third of merchants’ annual revenue, with a steep increase in sales and an influx of new customers. But after every high comes the hangover, with an overwhelming flood of remorseful buyers, conniving resellers, and just plain opportunists. … Continued