Alon Livneh

The Full Cart: Refining Your Omnichannel Strategy? Ask Your PSP

Omnichannel shopping flows are widely recognized as the keystone of a good customer experience. Merchants understand that the ability to decide where, when, and how to start and end a shopping journey has become a common customer expectation. So common, in fact, that failing to cater to it can push customers to the competition. But […]

European eCommerce: Promoting Resilience in a Disrupted Market

European eCommerce began 2020 poised for continued accelerated growth – and then the pandemic hit, thrusting eCommerce into the spotlight. Now more than ever is the time for merchants operating in Europe to meet customers’ increasingly sophisticated expectations, and provide a consistent experience across channels and borders. Our European eCommerce Report, Promoting Resilience in a […]

The Full Cart, Ep. 2: The Human in the Machine

Introducing Riskified’s new podcast: The Full Cart. Listen to EP02 as we discuss the vulnerability of marginalized communities, the role customer service can play in making shopping safer, and why human insights are crucial to creating better machine learning models.