Eido Gal

Riskified Is Now a Public Company

Last month, Riskified reached a historic milestone in our journey to making eCommerce a frictionless experience for both merchants and shoppers. We went public on the New York Stock Exchange, under the ticker symbol RSKD. Riskified was founded on the principle that we could solve some of eCommerce’s most complex problems. We knew that we […]

Announcing Riskified’s $165 Million Funding Round

We have some big news to share; we’ve just announced our Series E funding round of $165 million. What’s most exciting about this funding is what it will allow us to do. We’ll use these funds to accelerate our product development and further expand our geographic footprint. We’ll be able to offer even more solutions […]

Misaligned Incentives

Customers usually ask how our solution is different from the competitors’. When I talk about TCP/IP stack, SOCKS(4/5) proxy detection, and verification principles it’s hard to make the sale. Apparently, everyone has the best technology, and hearing me talk about the internet protocol suite is as much fun as a root canal. This forced me […]