We understand how vital customer experience is to the success of eCommerce businesses, which is why our service is designed to be streamlined and frictionless.  By instantly reviewing orders for fraud and providing clear ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ decisions, Riskified helps merchants keep customers happy and avoid shipping delays.

Order review time, meaning how much time passes between the moment an order is submitted to us for review and the moment we provide our decision, is an important KPI at Riskified. We’re now sharing this information with you, our customers, via the Riskified dashboard.


The dashboard allows you to track Riskified’s performance. In addition to seeing a breakdown of Riskified’s decisions on submitted orders, and of the type of declines, you can now see how long it took Riskified to review submitted orders and provide an “approve” or “decline” decision. The median review time of all orders submitted to Riskified is displayed in the center of the ‘Review Time’ pie chart.

In the coming weeks, we will add stronger tracking capabilities – enabling you to filter the data and export all the stats directly from your Riskified dashboard. We encourage you to use the data for your own reporting purposes.

We’re always looking to make Riskified more useful for you — do let us know if you have any ideas or feedback!