How to overcome shipping fraud: An eBook

October 31, 2019 Shahar Heimann (old)

Fraudsters commonly use non-traditional shipping methods to obscure their physical location in order to receive stolen goods, and successfully commit CNP fraud. This eBook provides tips on how to see through their tricks, including how to identify reshippers and distinguish fraudulent orders from safe ones by getting to know patterns of re-shipping fraud.

  • Recognize Fraud & Prevent Chargebacks - Discover how to use shipping data to see through fraudsters’ tricks and boost fraud detection accuracy
  • Minimize False Declines & Boost Revenue - Achieve higher approval rates by learning about legitimate reasons for reshipping, package rerouting, and in-store pickup
  • Reduce Review Times & Customer Friction - Improve customer experience by following our best practices for streamlining the order verification process
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Disputing Chargebacks: A Guide for Merchants

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