The True Cost of Account Takeover Attacks

March 8, 2021 Natalia Dinsmore

Store accounts are much more than a service to customers; they are assets for your business. But customer accounts can be a double-edged sword. Where there are lucrative perks for customers, fraudsters are close behind. In this guide, we’ll explain why easy access to credentials is leading to a surge in Account Takeover (ATO) attacks. We’ll then provide merchants with a worksheet to help them quantify the true revenue impact of ATO attacks on their business. Finally, we offer merchants tips on how to strike the right balance between security and customer experience.

Read the guide to:

  • Learn how amateur fraudsters are able to easily break into customer’s accounts 
  • Find tips for building a tailored strategy to best safegaurd your customers and protect revenue from these attacks
  • Get a worksheet that helps quantify exactly how much revenue your business is losing due to ATO attacks
  • Gain actionable advice on how to minimize brand exposure to ATO attacks, without sacrificing customer experience

This guide offers valuable information on ways to help your organization understand the true loss from previous attacks and, more importantly, better understand what’s at stake going forward.


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