Riskified Documentation

Live Testing

Riskified recommends that you test your system in production before going live. Once Riskified is live, proposed changes to your order system should also be tested prior to release. This allows you to be certain that the the overall order flow is working as expected.

Orders you wish to use to test your system’s flow are required to be designated for this purpose at the time they are created. Therefore, please be sure to test in a way that mimics your order flow, so that you can ensure to properly classify orders as “test” when entering them into the system.

You have the following options available to you:

  • Create the order via the “Create” API function, and later submit it via the “Submit” API function
  • Submit the order via the “Submit” API function (the “Submit” function will also create the order)
  • Create the order via the “Create” API function, and later submit it via the Riskified web application (use this option for increased control on the order flow for testing purposes)

It is important to note that the status of existing orders cannot be changed. This means:

  • Existing orders not classified as “test” cannot be subsequently changed into a test order
  • An order classified as “test” cannot subsequently be turned into an order that will be eligible for review

How to Perform Order Tests:

  1. Test orders can be both created and submitted via the Riskified API. To do this, you must add the field order_type to the Order object:
    Object Field Type Value
    Order order_type enum test
    In the event that you choose to submit the order via the Riskified web application, you must access the web application, search for your order, and then click “Submit test order.” This has the effect of mimicking an actual order submission: order tests 1
  2. Whether you submit the order via the API or webapp, you must go to the webapp and locate your test order within it. Once there, you must choose the decision you would like your system to receive from Riskified:
    • To receive “Approve”, choose Test Approve
    • To receive “Decline”, choose Test Decline
    order tests 2 The decision will be automatically sent to your webhook, and the status of the order on the web application will change accordingly.

  • Test orders are not reviewed by Riskified
  • Test orders are not eligible for Riskified’s Chargeback guarantee