Riskified Documentation

Riskified Plans

We offer two preset plans that are designed to meet your evolving needs and requirements.

Every retailer faces unique fraud challenges. We offer a few different plan options in order to best address your fraud protection needs.
Shop Protection
Under our full store protection plan, all incoming orders are automatically submitted to Riskified for review. This plan transfers the entire risk management process to Riskified, saving time and effectively shifting all fraud liability from you to Riskified.
Select & Submit
Under our basic plan, Riskified only reviews specific orders manually submitted for review. This plan offers greater control over which orders are submitted for review, to help merchants handle especially challenging orders, or unusual volume spikes.
Custom Plan
In order to address your unique operational profile, Riskified can create a customized plan that is a hybrid between our Shop Protection and Select & Submit plans. Certain segments of your orders will be automatically submitted to Riskified for review to streamline your operations, while the segments that you want to maintain greater control over will remain on a select and submit basis.

Excluding orders from automatic submission plans:
If you select the Shop Protection plan, Riskified will not review orders placed with certain payment methods in which you cannot incur chargebacks. This is done to avoid charging you for orders that are inherently chargeback-protected.

Below is a list of payment methods that Riskified will exclude from review by default:
  • Cash
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank transfer
  • Point-of-sale (card present)
You can always choose to manually submit orders from these payment methods for review.

Riskified uses the gateway line to define which orders to exclude. If you would like to ensure that certain order types are excluded from review or if there are other payment methods with which you are not liable in case of fraud, contact us at support@riskified.com.