eCommerce Fraud Protection by Riskified

Riskified is an end-to-end solution to the CNP fraud challenges facing global enterprise brands.

Our experts develop dedicated machine learning models that include industry-specific insights to guarantee accurate detection of credit card fraud in real-time.

Hundreds of global brands - from luxury fashion houses and retail chains, to gift card and ticket marketplaces - trust Riskified to safely grow their online revenues.

Risk management measures too often come at the expense of customer experience.

Every day, we process orders worth:

$9MLuxury goods

That’s why we not only commit to driving your approval rates but have also created a frictionless process for detecting payment fraud, keeping your customers happy. Extensive experience in international markets and local payment methods allows Riskified to effectively prevent online shopping fraud across regions.
We also offer seamless integration with cutting edge payment providers and leading eCommerce platforms, including Stripe, Demandware, and Magento.

No matter what you sell or where,
Riskified is a scalable, effective online fraud protection
solution you can count on.

Find out how our eCommerce fraud prevention solution works behind the scenes to safely drive online revenue.

Fashion retailers


Fashion retailers contend with unique challenges when it comes to preventing online shopping fraud. Fluctuations in buying trends due to changing styles, as well as seasonal ebbs and flows in order volume, can make effective fraud prevention a tall order. Dozens of world-class fashion brands have already chosen Riskified as their CNP fraud management solution. Our adaptive machine learning allows retailers to keep up with the shifting landscape while providing customers with a smooth shopping experience.

Fraud protection for fashion
Ticketing merchants


Buying tickets online has never been so easy. Today, consumers can purchase digital tickets and receive them instantly by email. But online tickets are also targeted by fraudsters, who quickly resell the stolen goods without ever revealing their identity or location. Riskified has vast experience protecting ticket merchants across the world from CNP fraud. Our experts have created industry-tailored fraud detection models to ensure that fraud prevention is effective, but never negatively impacts your shoppers’ customer experience

Fraud protection for ticketing
Travel merchants


Preventing online fraud in the travel vertical presents unique problems. Customers are often in-transit while placing orders online, rendering fraud prevention rules based on geographical indicators unreliable. Heightened competition means your false declines generate revenue for your competitors. Riskified allows airlines and online travel agents to maximize approval rates, while providing real-time decisions on every order, and covering approvals with full chargeback protection.

Fraud protection for travel
Gift Cards and Digital Goods merchants


Credit card fraud takes on many forms in the gift card vertical. From “friendly fraud” chargebacks to “tech support” scams - online gift card merchants are targeted by both low level fraudsters and sophisticated organized crime rings. Riskified utilizes elastic order linking and anomaly detection technologies to spot shopping pattern irregularities and stop fraud attempts in real-time, providing gift card sellers with effective chargeback protection.

Fraud protection for giftcards
Electronics retailers


Fraudsters who target consumer electronics are tech savvy, and employ sophisticated methods that can be difficult to detect. But electronics retailers must balance the need to prevent credit card fraud with providing a great experience to global customers. To stay competitive, retailers must offer omnichannel shopping options while avoiding false declines. Dozens of consumer electronics retailers trust Riskified’s CNP fraud solution to safely grow online revenue.

Fraud protection for consumer electronics
Sneakers retailers


Sneakers have transcended their use as simple footwear, and today their soaring collectible value makes them coveted targets for CNP fraud. In this highly competitive vertical, sneaker retailers require a fraud detection solution that can efficiently accommodate the variance in fraud patterns across seemingly similar products while minimizing customer friction. Riskified’s machine-learning solution allows sneaker retailers to effectively detect anomalies, with the added cushion of full chargeback protection.

Fraud protection for sneakers
Luxury Goods retailers

Luxury goods

For luxury goods retailers, managing CNP fraud is a high stakes business. Providing fast and accurate decisions for high ticket items mean mistakes are costly, and can result in high chargebacks, disgruntled customers, and false declines. With Riskified’s fraud detection solution luxury goods retailers can capitalize on every order, eliminating the risk of online fraud. Riskified delivers immediate and accurate decisions that provide retailers with peace of mind, and customers with the shopping experience they expect.

Fraud protection for luxury goods

Our solution is effective across markets and verticals, empowering eCommerce merchants to safely expand their offering, grow their customer base, and scale their operations.