eCommerce Fraud Protection for Electronics Retailers

Fraudsters who target electronic gadgets tend to be tech savvy, making CNP fraud in the vertical more difficult to detect.

Volume spikes on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and during product launches can put tremendous strain on backend operations, often resulting in false declines.

The prevalence of cross border eCommerce requires businesses selling consumer electronics online to accept new payment methods and to learn about unique CNP fraud patterns across markets.

The multitude of challenges associated with effectively curbing online shopping fraud can be intimidating, and limit the ability of many retailers to capitalize on the booming global eCommerce market.

Riskified's Fraud Solution for Online Consumer Electronics

  • Riskified’s CNP fraud detection machine learning models are designed to accurately distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent shopping patterns and to identify anomalous activity in real-time.
  • Our models generate decisions instantly, allowing retailers to safely extend services like same-day shipping and in-store pickup to their customers.
  • Another way in which Riskified contributes to a better shopping experience for your customers is by conducting the entire fraud review process behind the scene. Consumer electronics retailers utilizing Riskified’s fraud prevention solution benefit from full chargeback protection, as every approval is guaranteed in case of fraud.
  • Riskified helps businesses by providing fast, accurate decisions, effective chargeback prevention, and happier customers. With Riskified, online consumer electronics merchants have the peace of mind they need to focus on growing their business rather than on fraud.

Learn how Riskified’s eCommerce fraud prevention solution can help with other challenges online merchants are facing.

“Using Riskified gives us total confidence to ship orders quickly and efficiently, and we are able to serve our customers better than ever.”

David Farkas, Owner, Miami
Riskified provides fraud protection solutions across online verticals