eCommerce Fraud Protection for Gift Card Merchants

Gift card merchants face extremely complicated CNP fraud challenges.

Credit card fraud in the gift card industry can take many forms, from amateur attacks and friendly fraud, to organized fraud rings orchestrating sophisticated attacks. Preventing fraud in digital gift cards is even harder, as merchants must accurately analyze the IP and email address to reach a real-time decision.

Striking a balance between preventing payment fraud and driving revenue is incredibly challenging. Whether you sell open loop or closed loop cards, plastic or digital gift cards, finding an effective, accurate solution to online shopping fraud is essential.

Increased growth and heightened competition in the gift card market, mean that every good customer you wrongly reject as fraud will likely generate sales for your competitor.

Riskified's Fraud Solution for Online Gift Cards

  • Our eCommerce fraud solution incorporates data enrichment, proxy detection, device and browser fingerprinting, order linking, machine learning models, and behavioral analytics to identify good shopping patterns and detect gift card fraud in real time.
  • Our fraud experts build their insights into Riskified’s self-optimizing machine learning models, generating accurate decisions that allow gift card merchants to safely grow eCommerce revenue.
  • We provide full chargeback protection by identifying fraud rings and preventing fraud attempts before they cause damage, while also covering every approval with a 100% chargeback guarantee.
  • Gift card merchants using Riskified’s fraud protection services reduce fraud risk management costs and keep global customers happy with a smooth shopping experience.

See how our eCommerce fraud prevention solution works behind the scenes to protect gift card merchants from even the most sophisticated fraudsters.

“Even when our volume increases ten-fold during the holiday season, our customers enjoy a quick, frictionless shopping experience, and all approved orders are guaranteed”

Mark Romanelli, VP Product Development
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Riskified provides an effective fraud solution for merchants and retailers across industries