eCommerce Fraud Protection for Sneaker Retailers

Sneaker retailers face a host of issues when trying to manage the extremely high risk of online shopping fraud.

Sneakers are frequently targeted by fraudsters due to their wide popular appeal and high resale value. The massive secondary market for sneakers means retailers are exposed to high risk both from perpetrators of friendly fraud, as well as from sophisticated CNP fraud rings that are difficult to detect.

Sneaker retailers must devise a comprehensive approach to tackling eCommerce payment fraud that takes into consideration not only their wide range of products, but also planned product launches and sales policies.

When retailers resort to contacting shoppers to verify borderline orders, they add friction to the online shopping experience and risk shipping delays - costly practices in such a competitive market.

Riskified’s Fraud Solution for Sneaker Retailers

  • Riskified’s eCommerce fraud solution provides sneaker retailers with an adaptable, real-time fraud management system. Utilizing proprietary fraud detection techniques, Riskified identifies sophisticated fraud rings and account takeover fraud, with zero customer friction.
  • Every new purchase is automatically linked to all previous transactions across the Riskified network, allowing us to block friendly fraud and help retailers uphold sales policies-such as single pair per buyer limits.
  • Sneaker retailers partnering with Riskified enjoy growth in online sales and higher customer satisfaction-all while getting full chargeback protection, as every approved order is covered by Riskified’s 100% chargeback guarantee.
  • Riskified has a proven track record of providing an end-to-end fraud protection service to some of the world’s leading sneaker retailers.

Learn how Riskified’s eCommerce fraud prevention solution allows retailers to approve orders in real time and eliminate chargebacks.

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