eCommerce Fraud Protection for Ticket Merchants

Selling tickets online has evolved tremendously. The shift to more digital products adds new challenges to managing online fraud.

In the past, consumers would buy tickets weeks before an event, but nowadays event goers can purchase their e-ticket while standing outside the venue, minutes before the start of a show.

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the convenient shopping process, with CNP fraud techniques growing more sophisticated every day. To remain competitive, ticketing merchants must not only adapt to meet consumer demands but also devise new strategies to protect against online shopping fraud.

Ticket vendors are often so risk-averse that orders from good customers are falsely rejected along with fraud attempts. This leads to customer insult and ultimately generates revenue for the competition. Striking the correct balance between preventing credit card fraud and minimizing false positive declines is no easy task.

Riskified’s Fraud Solution for Online Ticket Merchants

  • Riskified’s eCommerce fraud solution is designed to meet the unique challenges faced by online ticket merchants. We work with industry leaders and have developed an expertise in detecting fraud patterns in online sales of both physical & digital event tickets.
  • Our machine learning models leverage behavioral analytics to substantiate user identities, providing accurate decisions in milliseconds.
  • Ticket merchants partnering with Riskified rely on our fast approvals to maximize online revenue without taking on any additional risk.
  • Accuracy, speed and 100% chargeback protection on every approval make Riskified the ultimate fraud management system for online ticket merchants looking to capitalize on the market’s fastest growing segments.

See how our solution can help merchants enhance their customer experience.

Riskified provides an effective fraud solution eCommerce for merchants and retailers across verticals