eCommerce Fraud Protection for Travel Merchants

Travel merchants are up against a multitude of challenges when it comes to effectively preventing CNP fraud.

Many online travel orders are placed by customers who are in transit, undermining the effectiveness of rules-based credit card fraud detection systems that misidentify geographical mismatches as fraud.

Online travel agencies and airlines alike must detect fraud and approve orders in real-time, providing shoppers with immediate confirmation on digital tickets at the advertised rate.

The need for real-time fraud review makes manual review of borderline transactions problematic, often leading travel merchants to reject good customers along with fraud attempts.

Riskified Fraud Solution for Online Travel

  • Riskified’s eCommerce fraud solution provides online travel merchants with scalable, effective fraud protection. Award winning machine learning technology detects changes in fraudster methodology in real-time, coupled with 100% chargeback protection on all approved orders.
  • Riskified leverages the most advanced fraud detection techniques, including auto data enrichment, proxy detection, device and browser fingerprinting, order linking, machine learning models, and behavioral analytics to overcome geo-location mismatches and avoid false positive declines.
  • We also understand the importance of real-time, frictionless fraud review to keep your customers happy.
  • Travel merchants partnering with Riskified benefit from insights generated across millions of processed transactions, resulting in accurate, instant decisions and the most effective eCommerce fraud protection possible.

Learn how Riskified’s eCommerce fraud prevention solution drives online revenue while protecting against chargebacks.

“Our 15x growth rate would hardly be possible with the need to check each transaction manually. I consider Riskified one of our key growth partners.”

Oliver Dlouhy, CEO
  • x15
    growth supported by Riskified
  • 58%
    decrease in fraud-related costs
  • 0
    time spent on manual review
Riskified provides an effective fraud solution for merchants and retailers across industries