Meet Diane von Furstenberg Meet Diane von Furstenberg

Fashion legend Diane von Furstenberg founded her eponymous line in 1972. It has since become a globally recognized luxury fashion brand celebrated for its creative approach to color and pattern. Renowned for its iconic wrap dress and signature prints, DVF now offers a full collection of ready-to-wear and accessories and has established itself as a leader of feminine silhouettes in the fashion industry.


Headquartered in New York City, DVF has a global distribution network in more than 70 countries with more than 875 points of distribution, including 111 DVF-owned and partnered stores throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. As the brand has increased its online presence, it continues to look for ways to optimize its digital channel into an even stronger revenue generator.


“We were interested in Riskified because their automation would allow our customer service team to proactively assist our customers and drive sales over the phone to help DVF grow.

When they told us we could achieve a higher approval rate, that was an easy decision for us ...”
Felipe G. Araujo
Senior Director of E-Commerce at DVF

The Challenge The Challenge

DVF is a luxury brand selling premium products, but their fraud solution wasn’t keeping pace. Their manual review team called customers to verify orders, adding unwanted friction to the process. Manual review slowed order delivery, with order queues building outside of business hours and entire countries were denied DVF’s sheaths and signature wraps because of blacklists. With international growth in mind, the company sought to ease friction in the ordering process and approval rates.

The Challenge
“We were reliant on solutions that weren’t keeping up with our needs, and it was hurting the experience that we were able to provide our customers..”
Felipe G. Araujo, Senior Director of E-Commerce at DVF
Felipe G. Araujo
Senior Director of E-Commerce at DVF

Choosing a solution Choosing a solution

DVF chose Riskified to create a fraud solution that didn’t require manual reviews. But since going live, the company has also been able to optimize its operations, increase approval rates and eliminate the cost of chargebacks. By partnering with Riskified, DVF avoids international blacklists that block revenue from entire markets and has reduced steps in the order verification process for both the company and the customer. Relying on an automated solution, valuable time and resources expended on manual reviews can now be devoted toward greater growth and improving customer satisfaction.

Choosing a solution