Meet RevZilla Meet RevZilla

RevZilla was founded in 2007 in Philadelphia by motorcyclists who were frustrated with online shopping options for gear. From the start, customer satisfaction has been their first priority, and biking enthusiasts have noticed: Revzilla has enjoyed 100% YoY growth the last several years. Today, RevZilla pride themselves on offering the best possible customer experience to both online and in-store customers.

"Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. That’s our business model: make customers happy, and everything else follows from there."
Patrick Roscoe
Director of Customer Experience

The Challenge The Challenge

At first, RevZilla’s ‘Gear Geeks’ – resident motorcycle gear experts and salespeople – were also tasked with verifying online orders to prevent fraud. But as the company underwent rapid growth this manual process was no longer scalable.

Reviewing orders for fraud started tying up RevZilla’s interaction channels, and training employees to conduct fraud verification was costly and cumbersome. In the third quarter of 2016, the company incurred $30,000 in fraudulent chargebacks.

Most critically, the fraud review process was hurting the Revzilla brand – and was unpleasant for both customers and employees.

The Challenge
“Our Gear Geeks want to talk about motorcycle gear. They didn’t enjoy spending their time figuring out whether customers were trying to defraud RevZilla.”
Patrick Roscoe, Director of Customer Experience
Patrick Roscoe
Director of Customer Experience

Choosing a Solution Choosing a Solution

Patrick Roscoe started researching chargeback guarantee fraud solutions. Colleagues in the auto-parts vertical steered him toward Riskified, and showed Roscoe how the web-app allows them full visibility and control over fraud operations – including the ability to drill down and analyze performance. The promise of maintaining full transparency into the process along with shifting fraud liability assuaged many of RevZilla’s concerns about partnering with a third party.

After a smooth integration process and one month of sending only some orders to Riskified for fraud review, Revzilla started submitting their entire order volume. Today, Riskified’s automated machine learning models analyze RevZilla’s transactions without adding any friction to the shopping experience, and provide ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ decisions within seconds.

Choosing a Solution