Meet Sky-tours Meet Sky-tours

When Sky-tours made their online debut in 1998, they had already established themselves as a successful, customer-oriented travel agency with over 20 years of experience. The last thing they wanted was to sacrifice the level of service their clients had become accustomed to. Despite the growth that accompanied their move online, Sky-tours maintained a professional and personalized service. With multilingual agents available to respond to requests 24/7, Sky-tours pride themselves on flexibility, expert advice, and low fares. Much more than a standard aggregator, their search engine is backed by algorithms that mix and match tickets from various airlines to secure cheaper flights for complex routes.

“Fraud was distracting me from focusing on other aspects of my business. I felt confident handing the burden to Riskified, who have proven to be a trustworthy, efficient, and flexible partner.”
Rudi Seiberlich
Founder & CEO

The Challenge The Challenge

For almost two decades, Sky-tours’ in-house fraud team manually reviewed online bookings. But with business steadily expanding, the process was no longer viable. Senior management wanted a frictionless solution that accommodated global expansion and ensured corporate knowledge was retained. Sky-tours also wanted to incorporate low-cost carriers into their range of flight options and meet the fast turnaround times mandated by this segment. They added fraud filters to their process, but the results were less than fruitful – approval rates dipped, leading to mounting false declines and a 30% reduction in sales.

The Challenge
“We were growing by 30% YoY, and were looking to expand our services even further. Our fraud review process was slow and costly. We needed an efficient solution that would complement our growth strategy and help us adapt to the changing business landscape."
Rudi Seiberlich, Founder & CEO
Rudi Seiberlich
Founder & CEO

Choosing a Solution Choosing a Solution

After speaking with business colleagues, Sky-tour’s senior management realised it was time to try an end-to-end solution. Riskified offered a quick turnaround time – including full automation and instant decisions for low-cost carriers. A full chargeback guarantee made sense in terms of ROI. In addition, Riskified leverages the vast amount of data collected for every order to help Sky-tours dispute illegitimate chargebacks, including those filed by customers trying to avoid the high fines incurred from cancelling travel plans at the last minute.

Choosing a Solution