Order Linking

Riskified uses elastic linking to ‘match’ a new order to any of the millions we’ve reviewed previously. We have a lot of information about each order: the full name of the buyer, email address, shipping, billing and IP address, device used, phone number, product(s) in the cart and more.
For each transaction we run an elastic query to get a list of similar historical orders from across our entire merchant ecosystem. This also helps approve orders placed by good customers, like legitimate shoppers returning with a different surname, and first-time shoppers, who previously shopped with other Riskified merchants.

For further insights into the role of elastic linking in fraud detection, see our blog.


An automated CNP fraud review process requires no human intervention and prioritizes a fast decision process. Accurate automation ensures faster decisions and faster fulfillment, leading to a better shopping experience. Implementing an automated system shouldn’t prevent a business from scaling their services. On the contrary, it should promote a flexible approach that allows retailers to maintain accuracy during peak sale times, and facilitate business expansion into new segments and markets, all while reducing operational costs.

Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral analytics refers to data generated from shopper interaction with merchants’ eCommerce sites and mobile apps using our Storefront Beacon. The beacon, a snippet of code embedded in customer-facing web pages and apps, tracks the behavior of visitors to that page. It also gathers data about their device and shopping behavior. When these browsing patterns are analysed and cross-checked against millions of other shopping sessions, they can help differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent purchases. For example, a shopper who visits a merchant website for days prior to making a purchase is displaying legitimate shopping behavior, whereas a shopper who visits once, chooses the most expensive item and checks out, is displaying risky behavior.

Further information on the role Riskified’s Storefront Beacon plays in fraud detection, can be found here.