Moving operations online can help with market outreach and is critical for business growth, but there can be huge costs involved in running an eCommerce store. Businesses often overlook losses incurred due to CNP fraud and are not even aware of new challenges relating to customer experience in the online channel. By partnering with the right fraud solution, merchants can reduce overhead, improve the shopping journey and facilitate expansion into new markets. Further information on how an end-to-end solution can positively impact margins and ROI, can be found here.

Fraud 101

The long-list of approaches and terms associated with CNP fraud prevention can be overwhelming, which is why we created a lexicon. The lexicon explains some of the most commonly used business terms to help executives and procurement professionals better understand the many facets of CNP fraud prevention. It’s a useful resource for businesses thinking of setting up shop online; well established eCommerce stores aiming to gain a better understanding of CNP fraud;or merchants just trying to get acquainted with the ins and outs of the industry.


Choosing a CNP fraud partner that best meets the needs of your business is no easy task. Before making a decision, online merchants need to familiarise themselves with the benefits and drawbacks of the various approaches available, know how to assesses their current fraud management performance, and become acquainted with the extensive list of terms used in the world of CNP fraud. In order to help businesses navigate all of this, we have put together a buyer’s kit. It guides retailers through reviewing their performance, explains the different fraud management methods, and outlines the key considerations for both conducting a fraud solution RFP and selecting a partner.