Skypicker Case Study

Client Overview

Established in April 2012, is
a fast-growing company dedicated to helping people find and book the best low-cost flights around the world, all within one user-friendly website. While it began by listing European budget airlines only, Skypicker is now global. The site offers flight searches in over 30 languages and its search index includes major European carriers, as well as carriers to, from and in the Americas, Asia and more.


Due to the high prevalence of fraud in the travel sector, Skypicker staff were manually reviewing all incoming orders. This process was time-consuming and costly. It also led to high friction with customers, as Skypicker staff would contact customers to request additional information, which delayed the completion of orders.

Skypicker's significant growth came at a cost, as the number of fraud-related chargebacks escalated, since it was impossible to quickly train all new personnel to accurately identify fraudulent orders.

In short, Skypicker's order review process was not entirely accurate and not at all scalable.


  • To meet the growing demand for their services, Skypicker needed a scalable solution that could be implemented quickly.
  • The company wanted to expand globally without fear of fraud, and without incurring more losses due to fraud-related chargebacks.
  • In addition, Skypicker identified the need for a fully- automated solution that would improve customer experience by eliminating friction.
"Riskified provides
a game-changing service company is simply
much more effective now"
Oliver Dlouhý, CEO, Skypicker


To help capture lost revenue, Skypicker integrated Riskified and manually submitted orders they planned to decline. Riskified managed to approve 42% of these orders, boosting Skypicker's bottom line. At the same time, Skypicker was contemplating building a professional fraud team in-house.

However, Skypicker soon realized the financial and organizational advantages of outsourcing the entire order review process to Riskified.

Instead of starting the lengthy and costly process of building a fraud team, Skypicker decided to automatically submit all orders to Riskified - a readily available, complete solution that both eliminates the cost of chargebacks and boosts sales.


  • Skypicker's revenue grew by 1,269% in the last 12 months and is expected to continue growing. Riskified's fully-automated, scalable service helped enable this rapid growth.
  • In the last month before enabling Riskified, Skypicker had an especially high chargeback rate of 1.5%. As Riskified- approved orders carry a 100% chargeback guarantee, Skypicker is confidently expanding to new markets.
  • By eliminating the need for a manual review process, Riskified saves a significant amount of time - allowing Skypicker to focus on growing their business further!
  • To top it all, Skypicker reduced the cost of fraud to their business. Riskified's fees amount to less than half the cost of chargebacks Skypicker had previously paid.
  • 100%

    Manual review time
  • 58%

    Fraud related costs
  • 1,269%

    Revenue growth

    supported by Riskified

  • 100%

    Fraud related chargebacks

    from 1.5% to 0%
    (full guarantee)

  • 0%

    Customer friction
"Our fifteenfold growth rate would hardly be possible
with the need to check each transaction manually.
I consider Riskified one of our key growth partners."
Oliver Dlouhý, CEO, Skypicker