Maximize conversions and prevent fraud from login to checkout

Account Protection

Prevent ATO (account takeover) attacks, stop bad actors from exploiting loyalty programs, and safeguard sales promotions. Protect customer data and your bottom line.

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Payment Authorization

Minimize PSD2’s negative impact on customer experience by routing exempt orders to TRA. Remove clearly bad orders from bank review to boost your overall payment authorization rates.

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Dynamic Checkout

Shopping is dynamic, so why shouldn’t fraud review match? Adjust the checkout experience to the shopper’s risk profile and offer customers various ways to seamlessly verify their purchase.

Alternative Payment

Deco is a groundbreaking solution to payment declines that lets your customers complete their purchase, even if their bank declined the transaction. You recoup revenue; we’ll manage collection.

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Chargeback Guarantee

Our models accurately reject fraud, instantly recognize good orders, and prevent false declines. Maintain predictable revenue and expand confidently - we take on liability for every approval.

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Automated chargeback representment overturns incorrectly-decided disputes to reclaim payment, allowing us to approve more good orders on your behalf and reduce repeat friendly fraud attempts.

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