Convert payment declines into sales

1 in 10 dollars spent online fails authorization. Deco Payments allows you to recoup that revenue.

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Boost revenue by 4-8%

Up to 70% of payment declines happen to good customers. Deco can recover these orders.

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Reduce cart abandonment

53% of shoppers abandon their cart after one payment decline. Deco Payments allows them to complete their purchase on your site.

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Improve brand reputation

Customers blame merchants for payment declines. Prevent bad reviews and foster customer loyalty.

How it works

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Instantly convert payment-declined customers

Deco Payments leverages Riskified’s unique ability to recognize legitimate shoppers and lets them complete their purchase immediately, without leaving your site.

You get paid in full upfront

Riskified pays you for the goods and is responsible for collecting payment from your customers. No additional steps are needed.

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Deco Payments doesn’t decline customers

Only pre-approved shoppers are offered to checkout using Deco. No hassle, no qualification process.

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