Higher Approval Rates Guaranteed to Drive eCommerce Growth

Ecommerce competition is fierce, and maximizing revenues is essential to remaining competitive. Riskified guarantees higher approval rates while protecting against fraud. Our eCommerce fraud protection safely removes payment restrictions so you can expand operations and boost sales.

Reap The Benefits of Eliminating False Declines

Ecommerce fraud protection is more than chargeback prevention. Retailers actually lose more to false declines than to eCommerce fraud. Riskified’s fraud prevention solution eliminates false declines, resulting in more revenue, a better shopping experience for consumers, and an improved brand reputation.

Expand to Global Markets & Reach New Consumers

Our fully scalable eCommerce fraud prevention solution supports rapid growth and expansion. With localized data sources and dedicated machine learning models for specific regions, industries, and product categories, Riskified provides higher approval rates and accurate fraud detection.

Whether you’re looking to enter new markets or simply expand your eCommerce customer base, Riskified helps you safely achieve your business goals.

Remain Competitive & Grow Your Market Share

The key to capturing eCommerce market share
is providing a good shopping experience and eliminating customer friction. Falsely declined consumers dramatically reduce or entirely stop patronage of the offending retailer, and digital goods merchants pay an even higher price for inaccurate eCommerce fraud prevention measures by sending business to the competition. Riskified protects retailers' market share by eliminating false declines.

Drive Customer Loyalty & Improve Brand Reputation

Returning customers generate 33% of eCommerce revenue, but consumers who experience high friction fraud prevention measures are unlikely to return. Unfortunately, millennial shoppers and affluent consumers often experience false declines. Riskified maintains your brand reputation and builds consumer trust by protecting your eCommerce business from fraud while guaranteeing that your key customers aren’t rejected and enjoy a smooth online experience.

A Fraud Solution Focused on Sales Enablement

Riskified’s eCommerce fraud prevention solution ensures legitimate customers are never falsely declined. Riskified’s machine learning models adapt in real-time to evolving shopping patterns and fraudster methodologies, effectively preventing eCommerce fraud while driving sales revenue growth.

A Network That Works in Your Favor

Every new order is cross-linked with the terabytes of data processed daily by our eCommerce fraud protection systems. This “network effect” allows Riskified to prevent eCommerce fraud attacks and identify good customers in real-time.

Award Winning Deep Learning Technology

Riskified’s award-winning Spektra fraud protection technology comprehends the context of eCommerce purchases. Our unique fraud prevention solution leverages deep learning behavioral analysis models to detect fraud.

Boosting Sales Across Industries

Riskified commits to optimizing your fraud protection operations, resulting in higher approval rates, irrespective of the product or consumer segment. Hundreds of global retailers trust Riskified to prevent fraud and safely grow their eCommerce revenues.

To learn more about Riskified’s fraud solution for your industry, see our eCommerce fraud prevention section.

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