Instant Decisions Guaranteed to Meet Your SLA Needs

Customer demand is fueling eCommerce growth and retailers are distinguished by the various omnichannel services they offer.
Riskified guarantees fast, accurate decisions to meet SLA needs and provide an outstanding shopping experience, with no added risk.
Retailers partnering with Riskified can safely offer same-day shipping & in-store pickup, knowing fulfillment deadlines will be met even when order volumes spike.
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Dynamic, Automated Fraud Prevention

Meeting consumer demand is essential to staying competitive. Riskified’s self-optimizing machine learning models detect fraud and provide a clear decision instantly, preventing eCommerce fraud before it can negatively impact your business. Retailers can easily streamline the post-checkout process by automatically moving orders approved by Riskified to fulfillment.

Scalability and Accuracy Are Never Compromised

Riskified leverages cutting-edge technology to offer a scalable fraud detection solution regardless of order volume. Speed and accuracy are guaranteed all year long. No more backlogs during holiday sales and product launches, and no need to scramble to hire, train and fortify fraud teams around peak sale times.

Riskified Helps Keep Your Customers Satisfied

Whether it’s same-day shipping, digital gift cards, or in-store pickup, fast decisions are key to offering advanced shopping and shipping options. Riskified safely supports all the services that keep your customers coming back, allowing your business to remain on the cutting edge of eCommerce fraud protection and prevention.

No matter what you are selling or to whom,
Riskified commits to meeting your SLA requirements and helping you successfully scale your operation. Request a Demo

A Proven Track Record of Success

Riskified has proven to be effective at preventing eCommerce fraud across regions and payment methods. Hundreds of global retailers across verticals trust Riskified to safely grow their eCommerce revenue.

To learn more about Riskified’s fraud solution for your industry, see our eCommerce fraud prevention section.

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Riskified is more than a fraud prevention solution, we are a partner to your eCommerce growth. Our solution can be tailored to meet your strategic goals, ensuring eCommerce fraud never stands in the way of business initiatives.

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