Lift payment authorization rates, drive conversions

Pre-auth risk analysis allows you to maintain positive customer experience and maximize revenue, even under PSD2.

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Reduce payment declines

Filtering out fraud before authorization improves your standing with the banks, so more transactions are approved.

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More revenue, better experience

Unlike banks, our AI platform is built to drive approvals. Blocking fraud attempts without impacting shoppers’ experience is our expertise.

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Gain leverage and visibility

Get detailed insight into your payment flow. Find out whether safe transactions are being declined or diverted to SCA.

The revenue impact of PSD2

Under PSD2, online payments with European issuers and acquirers must undergo Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

SCA adds friction at checkout, leading to high cart abandonment rates. Some orders can be exempt from SCA, undergoing frictionless Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) instead.

Take a proactive approach to protecting your revenue

To prevent friction and customer drop-off, make sure you have insight into the performance of your banking partners to ensure they are promoting SCA exemptions.

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How our PSD2 product works

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Fully aligned with your goals

SCA impedes conversion. Riskified conducts frictionless analysis on every order, maximizing SCA exemptions and reducing cart abandonment.

Compliance made easy

Set it and forget it - we automatically adjust to changing PSD2 regulatory thresholds to keep pushing the maximum number of orders to TRA.

Convert declines into sales

Good shoppers often fail 3DS or experience payment declines. Accurate risk analysis allows you to reclaim revenue from these transactions.

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