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Unraveling Policy Abuse: Global Merchant Trends and Solutions

Riskified Duration: 20 minutes

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About this webinar

The escalating problem of ecommerce policy abuse is proving to be a complex and costly issue to solve. If unaddressed, policy abuse can seriously threaten merchants’ profitability and the customer experience. How can merchants address this pain point while preserving the digital customer buying journey and protecting the bottom line?

Christopher Rand, Industry Analyst at WBR Insights, joins Jeff Otto, Riskified’s Chief Marketing Officer, to discuss this urgent pain point and highlight key findings from our upcoming research report, Unraveling Policy Abuse: Global Merchant Trends and Solutions. Armed with these insights, merchants will gain practical advice on: 

  • Balancing customer insult rate against the significant costs of policy abuse
  • Applying machine learning to evaluate risks and distinguish between good customers and serial abusers
  • Measuring the business impact of solving policy abuse and fraud
Christopher Rand

Christopher Rand

Industry Analyst, WBR Insights

Jeff Otto

Jeff Otto

Chief Marketing Officer, Riskified