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Todd Steiner

SVP of Application Solutions 
at Finish Line

Riskified is complementing our growth strategy by doing what we promised to with the customer.

Maximize sales, cut costs

Enjoy higher approval rates at a lower cost with full chargeback protection.

Expand with confidence

Our platform eliminates risk as you enter markets, and roll out new products and flows

Provide better experiences

Instant decisioning allows you to exceed customer expectations boosting their loyalty.

Stop fraud and prevent policy abuse at scale

Riskified’s fraud and risk intelligence platform uncovers the true individual and behavior behind each interaction to provide real-time decisions and robust identity-based insights. Our solutions empower you to provide delightful experiences for good customers, and stop fraudsters and abusers in their tracks.

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Our products

End-to-end product portfolio addresses key merchant challenges

Fraud & Chargebacks

Chargeback Guarantee

Prevent fraud, lift revenue

We lift sales by frictionlessly approving more legitimate transactions, while taking on fraud liability to reduce your costs. Chargeback Guarantee provides accurate, real-time order decisions and scales to adapt to your growth and evolving business needs.

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Dispute Resolve

Fight chargebacks, recover revenue

Streamline your chargeback management operations with one centralized platform to view & manage your chargebacks across all reason codes and gateways. Leverage automation to never miss a chargeback deadline again.

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Policy Abuse

Policy Protect

Stop abuse, reward loyalty

We identify shoppers that are taking advantage of your store policies in ways that are abusive and expensive. Policy Protect helps you to stop abusers from eating into your profit, while you continue to reward loyal customers with friendly policies.

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Account Takeover

Account Secure

Block ATOs, build trust

We prevent bad actors from compromising your shoppers’ store accounts and help you manage customer interactions related to suspicious account activity. Build trust by ensuring frictionless access for good customers, while stopping malicious account takeover attempts.

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PSD2 Optimize

Reduce friction, drive conversion

PSD2 Optimize boosts your revenue by minimizing SCA friction, while safeguarding your risk profile with card issuing banks.

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