Signifyd vs Riskified: Which fraud and risk intelligence solution is right for you?

Enterprise ecommerce companies need a fraud and policy abuse intelligence partner that they can count on. See why the world’s leading brands and retailers choose Riskified over competitors, such as Signifyd.

Hear why leading merchants have chosen Riskified as their partner
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Director in Finance and Accounting, Internet
Highly recommend!

I would say that the main difference between Riskified and Signifyd is the level of client service, which drives success in other aspects. We did not have a dedicated account manager with Signifyd, so there was no one to deal with issues. Signifyd's billing is also very messy, and we found that they did not reimburse us for a significant amount of chargebacks. Riskified's billing is easy to reconcile, and we've never had that issue.

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Director in Product Management, International Trade & Development
The one stop shop for fraud services with a killer team.

We needed to spin up hundreds of accounts very quickly, and their team, within a few days, was able to spin up a custom workflow for our team to do this at scale – they moved heaven and earth to make it possible practically overnight.

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Executive in Other, Retail
Great company that has helped mitigate our fraud losses in ecommerce space

Since starting to work with Riskified 5 years ago, they have continually put in a significant effort to ensure our company and staff are getting what they need out of their platform. This includes approval rates, enhancements to their user-friendly web app, and working with our team on new fraud trends. Their staff listens to feedback and is constantly striving for improvements to enhance your customer's experience.

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Head of Fraud

Major U.S. Retailer

In the year before Riskified, our bank authorization rate averaged 85.9%. After we implemented Riskified, it increased to 92.0% and stayed at that level. This 6.1% increase drove over $408 million USD to our top line revenue over the next 2.5 years.


Why Super made the switch to Riskified

Before launching, Super, a mobile platform at the intersection of ecommerce and FinTech, had not anticipated fraud’s impact on its operations. Initially, the company had a team manually reviewing orders, but this process quickly became tedious, and every error had consequences for the growing business.

Super sought out a chargeback guarantee solution and found a reliable partner in Riskified. Over time, Super was able to transition away from manual reviews in-house to automated fraud decisions, enabling it to focus on bringing value to customers instead of being burdened by fraud.

Why enterprise ecommerce merchants choose Riskified

Protect your profitability with no-hassle chargeback reimbursement

Other solutions have you jump through hoops to get your money back. Riskified’s chargeback guarantee is hassle-free. Your chargeback info is collected via API, so you’ll receive reimbursements automatically. Monitor your reimbursements effortlessly in our control center and regain your money, time, and peace of mind.

Find the right solution to support you today and fuel your next era of growth

Out-of-the-box chargeback guarantee solutions may work well for smaller volumes, but enterprises facing sophisticated fraud require advanced solutions to protect their profitability. At Riskified, our dedicated fraud analysts, data scientists, and account managers adapt models to your store’s fraud patterns—regardless of location or industry.

Choose the fraud and risk intelligence platform with a proven track record

In a rapidly shifting landscape, economic uncertainty brings evolving fraud and abuse tactics. Don’t gamble with false promises and performance surprises—choose a strategic partner accountable to your business. We guarantee improvements in reducing fraudulent chargebacks while significantly bolstering bank authorization rates, and we streamline the process of disputing non-fraud chargebacks. Our AI-powered identity intelligence effectively uncovers and blocks refund, return, and reseller policy abuse, offering you the necessary explainability to justify each decision.

As an NYSE-listed public company, we are proud of our 99% customer retention and the performance which our competitors fail to match in head-to-head pilots. Let us prove our value to you and see first-hand why the world’s leading brands partner with Riskified.

Riskified’s game-changing impact
on ecommerce chargebacks

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