The best in the business gathered in Nashville for three days to learn, engage, and network with peers, merchants, and industry leaders. This year’s event showcased the latest strategies, insights, and practical guidance from the “Titans of Ecommerce.”

Forging Titans of Ecommerce

The meteoric rise of ecommerce set the stage for a new guard of business leaders; those who face uncertainty and volatility with resilience and ingenuity. Riskified CEO Eido Gal will outline the distinct challenges facing our industry today, and highlight technology and innovation that move us forward.

Eido Gal, CEO and Cofounder, Riskified

The Evolving Ecommerce Investment Landscape

A leading investor in the technology space, Tanzeen Syed has been involved in some of the most transformative companies in our sector: Wish.com, Poshmark, Kiwi.com and ClassPass, to name a few. In this conversation with Riskified CEO Eido Gal, Syed will share his perspective on ecommerce today, the investment landscape, opportunities for growth and the road ahead. 

Tanzeen Syed, Managing Director, General Atlantic
Eido Gal, CEO & Cofounder, Riskified

The Impact of Policy Abuse and Fraud

Get a first look at new primary research that benchmarks and quantifies the cost of policy abuse experienced by hundreds of merchants around the world. After sharing the findings, you’ll hear from a panel of experts about these emerging trends, the organizational challenges businesses face addressing the problems, and what strategies they have found effective to combat excessive loss and unprofitable customer policies. We’ll also be making an exciting announcement showcasing new capabilities that were specifically designed to help merchants tackle these challenges.

Trinidad Poisson, Director of Loss Prevention, Rue Gilt Groupe
Jamie Saucedo, SVP Business Operations, PFS Web
Hilla Peled, VP Data Science, Riskified
Jeff Otto, CMO, Riskified

Protecting Trust in a Changing World

Safeguarding a continuously evolving and changing payment ecosystem is a constant challenge for merchants and their partners. The proliferation of digital data, connections and interactions showcase the need for a greater safety and security framework that can be adopted and leveraged by all stakeholders. In this session, Mastercard’s Seckin Yilgoren, in conversation with Chris Uriarte of Glenbrook Partners, will discuss key security pillars impacting ecommerce today — identity, cyber security, fraud, and payment optimization — along with market trends and best practices within the payments space.

Seckin Yilgoren, Senior VP of North America Cyber & Intelligence, Mastercard
Chris Uriarte, Partner, Glenbrook Partners

Welcome to the Era of the CFO

The past decade saw the thrilling rise of ecommerce – a period of growth, brand building and marketing innovation that, in a sense, can be considered the “era of the CMO.” But post-COVID customer expectations and economic uncertainty are putting a renewed focus on profitability, placing CFOs front and center. When “growth at any cost” is no longer an option, companies are uncovering new and surprising ways to uncover revenue and cost-saving opportunities. This discussion will explore the strategic importance risk management plays in ensuring company sustainability and success in the years ahead.

Christopher Hummer, CFO, TicketNetwork
Nadav Lobel, SVP Account Management, Riskified