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Riskified delivers a scalable, adaptable fraud solution to meet merchants’ evolving eCommerce needs. Protect your clients from fraud, enable their geographical expansion, and support any omnichannel need.

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Technology Partners

Payment solutions partner with Riskified to ensure their merchants never have to worry about CNP fraud. From luxury goods to digital gift cards, mobile and call center orders to click and collect, our solution is guaranteed to drive revenue and prevent fraud losses. Integrate Riskified with your payment solution or gateway to attain the crucial added value that will put you ahead of the competition.

”We wanted a tailored solution to meet the needs of every merchant. No matter what the industry or geography, Riskified proves its value with each new rollout."

Riccardo Gallia
Banca Sella

Solution Partners

Leading eCommerce consultants, agencies, and system integrators partner with Riskified to ensure their clients are ahead of the curve with the latest in dynamic fraud prevention technology. Help grow your clients topline sales by providing Riskified as a solution, guaranteeing every approved transaction in case of fraud.

”Not only does Riskified save our clients money but it also increases their revenue. We love working with partners that treat our merchants like they are the only ones that matter."

Nicole Johnson

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