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Stop Policy Abuse, Reward Loyalty

Offer an excellent shopping experience while preventing refund, promo, and reseller abuse.

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Reveal the true identity behind each refund claim

Phony item not received (INR) claims and return scams can cost you millions. Policy Protect detects the true identity and abuse history behind each claim, so you can offer rewarding policies to loyal customers while blocking systematic abusers.

Block resellers from hoarding limited items

Unauthorized resellers use fake accounts and bots to clean out inventory, keeping it away from loyal customers. Policy Protect detects them in real-time to secure your stock, brand, and revenue.

Boost your promotions ROI

Promo abuse eats at the budget you allocate for attracting new customers and retaining your loyal ones. Policy Protect prevents promo abusers from reusing coupons and referral programs, so you get the most out of your investment.

Abuse Prevention Shouldn’t Require Guesswork

Uncover shoppers’ true abuse history

Is this the first time the customer has filed an INR claim, or is this just a new account for a repeat abuser? We leverage our identity-based clustering capabilities to accurately pinpoint abusers in real-time and distinguish them from loyal customers.

Optimize your policies

We reveal the true abuse patterns and lifetime value of your customers. Our experts work with you to backtest granular policies against your store’s history to eliminate the policy guessing game and optimize your profitability on an identity-based level.

Automate responses, cut operational costs

Others may require you to actively test multiple rules or make uneducated decisions based on the likelihood of risk. Our identity-based decisions allow you to instantly detect and prevent abuse without risking loyal customers’ experience.

Protect your store from abuse

Speak to a product expert about how to prevent policy abuse without negatively impacting customer experience.

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Policy Protect FAQ

What is Policy Protect?

Policy Protect is a solution designed to detect and prevent unprofitable eCommerce policy abuse that impacts refunds, returns, promotions, and resellers.

How does Policy Protect work?

Policy Protect uses machine learning to show merchants in real-time which orders, claims, and customers are trustworthy and profitable—and which ones aren’t. Powered by our proprietary engine that forms identity clusters from billions of accounts, behaviors, and transactions across our global merchant network, the solution enables merchants to analyze, investigate, and interact with customers on an identity-based level.

What success have merchants seen with Policy Protect?

Using Policy Protect, many leading retailers have saved millions of dollars blocking policy-related abuses. Merchants have prevented 15x more abusive returns and refund claims, detected nearly 95% of unauthorized resellers, and saved 70% of their promotion budget by thwarting shoppers from misusing coupons and codes.