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Identity linking reveals which refund claims to honor

Phony ‘Item not received’ claims can cost you millions every year. Policy Protect helps uncover users’ true claims history, so you can tell good customers from pattern abusers.


Easily enforce per-customer item limits

Abusers use fake accounts and bots to clean out inventory. Our solution prevents this behavior, to ensure your product launches and sales are the brand-boosting events they should be.


Boost your marketing ROI

Rewards abuse eats into the budget you’ve allocated for good customers. Prevent abusers from gaming your coupon and referral programs.


Abuse Prevention Shouldn’t Require Guesswork

We work with you to optimize policies

We backtest policies against your store’s history to find a strong policy that weighs a user’s abuse history, lifetime spend, the value of the claim or coupon, and much more.

Clarity about a shopper’s true abuse history

Is this the first time a customer has filed an INR claim or is this just a new account for a repeat abuser? Leveraging the smart linking technology perfected for our flagship Chargeback Guarantee product, we deliver a clear abuse/not abuse indication.

Automate responses, cut operational costs

Other solutions require your team to actively manage policy rules, or make a decision on the spot. Our decisions can be integrated to your responses via API, so abusers are refused instantly anywhere along the shopping journey.


Protect your store from abuse

Speak to a product expert about how to prevent policy abuse without negatively impacting customer experience.

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