Streamline Chargeback Management, Recover Revenue

Simplify your chargeback management operations with a single smart platform.

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Manage all of your chargebacks in one place

Siloed systems can make a mess of your chargeback operations. Riskified automatically collects all your chargebacks so you can view and act on them in one platform. Think of it as your chargeback OS.

Reduce the time and effort spent disputing chargebacks

It takes an analyst 20-30 minutes to compile the evidence for a single chargeback. Automate evidence creation and submission to scale revenue recovery without added effort.

Retain as much control as you want

Automation is key to unlocking efficiency and scale, but in some cases, you may want to add your unique evidence. With Riskified’s robust built-in editor, you can edit your evidence packet, attach files, and submit with just a click.

Track key chargeback metrics

Get a handle on your chargeback and dispute performance with advanced dashboards. Easily filter and segment based on the dimensions that make sense for you.

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Protect your bottom line from chargeback abuse

Leverage robust data

With Riskified integrated into your checkout flow, we collect and enrich contextual data about every single order. If it comes back as a chargeback, that data is leveraged to compile the best evidence and boost your chances of success.

Tailored to your needs

Your chargeback workflow differs depending on what, where, and how you sell. Our solution can automate as much or as little as you desire, allowing you to maximize efficiency while retaining as much control as you need.

Plug and play

Riskified integrates directly with your gateway to fetch chargebacks and disputes in real-time. It’s easy for merchants to integrate securely and enjoy end-to-end automation, while never missing a chargeback deadline again.

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Simplify chargebacks with Dispute Resolve

Centralize and streamline your entire chargeback process with one platform that does it all. Enhance your workflow, dispute more accurately, and recover more revenue with Dispute Resolve.

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Michael Fleisher

Chief Financial Officer

Riskified has enabled safe, fast, and seamless payments throughout our collaboration. We’re excited to see what opportunities we can unlock in the future.



Reduction in the cost of fraud

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Trinidad Poisson

Sr. Manager, Fraud Prevention

The benefits we’ve had since partnering with Riskified, I would say one of the biggest ones is just being able to get orders validated in milliseconds from the time they are being placed.



Decrease in manually reviewed orders

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Groupe case study

Pete DeiTos

VP of Product

Riskified’s ability to provide a solution that scales to our growth objectives has proven to be incredibly valuable in helping to expand our business and bring on new customers.



Increase in transaction success

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Pascal Mafait

Senior Director of Fraud

With Riskified, we are more comfortable for example, to move into a new market, to move into a new vertical, to a new product that we do not necessarily have a lot of experience or a lot of historical data with.



“The fraud that does come in is covered by the liability shift.”

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Dajana Gajic-Fisic

Leader of Ecommerce Risk Management

We have reduced operational costs, have a holistic view of where our fraud is and more time to focus on increasing sales.

Finish line


Decrease in chargebacks

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