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Balance customer experience and account takeover prevention.

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Prevent account takeovers

Our Account Secure product catches malicious login attempts by both bots and humans, protecting your customers’ information and your bottom line.

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Block fake accounts

Fake accounts create avenues for fraudulent and abusive behavior. Our Fake Account Prevention feature detects and blocks anomalous sign-up activity, to keep your store safe.

Automate account recovery

Our service tracks the security status of all your store accounts & automatically sends notifications to their owners after an attack.

What are ATO attacks really costing your business?

Precise Decisions Make Everything Easier

Good customers breeze through login. Human ATO attempts and credential-stuffing bots are denied. 

Our models compare the current session to past behavior by the account owner, to determine the risk that the login attempt is malicious. We then provide an allow/notify/challenge decision.

Accuracy driven by our expertise at checkout

Our flagship Chargeback Guarantee solution provides our Account Secure models with a user’s transaction history – both at your store and across our merchant network.

Set it and forget it

All three Account Secure components – ATO Prevention, Fake Account Prevention and Account Recovery – are fully automated. Enjoy full account security without spending time setting rules or responding to alerts.

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