Dialing in on policy abuse to protect customers and profits

Ecommerce policy abuse presents a $100 billion catch-22 for merchants. In a survey of 300+ merchants globally, the vast majority of respondents reported they can’t compete without offering generous policies and promotions — yet those same generous policies invite costly abuse.  The key challenge in handling policy abuse is identifying the “who” behind the order … Continued

Policy Abuse Is Not a Policy Problem, It's a Data Problem

What’s the biggest barrier to fighting returns abuse? Is it too-lenient policies? Last-mile delivery issues? Slow claims reviews? In Policy Abuse and Its Impact on Merchants, a new survey of more than 300 global ecommerce merchants by World Business Research (WBR), respondents pointed to a number of challenges:  One of the biggest problems isn’t the … Continued

New Research Shows Why Fraudsters Love Your Manual Review of Returns

Customers have been trained to expect an easy and lenient return and refund experience — and merchants consider their generous policies an essential part of doing business. Unfortunately, those policies also make merchants vulnerable to policy abuse that can be extremely costly.  To identify policy abuse, merchants have to put in significant time and effort … Continued