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Embrace PSD2 by balancing fraud risk with customer experience

Yago Casasnovas

Head of Payments & Fraud Prevention at Air Europa

Riskified PSD2 Optimization enables us to fully comply with the regulation while continuing to provide our customers a safe, satisfying booking experience with minimal friction.

Filter out clear fraud pre-authorization 

Our solution provides the accuracy, speed, and scalability needed to decline high-risk transactions at the earliest stage before they harm your business or your customers. 

Ensure frictionless checkout flow

Enable TRA exemptions and provide a seamless payment experience for legitimate users and low-risk orders. Optimize the use of 3DS and apply it only when it’s necessary. 

Access key PSD2 performance metrics 

Get detailed insights into transaction risk analysis (TRA) exemption flows, authorization rates, and other key parameters related to your company’s PSD2 performance. 

Learn which SCA metrics you need to track

Let us take the full liability 

Ensure 100% liability coverage of exempted, reclaimed, and out-of-scope volume with our best-in-class Chargeback Guarantee solution. 

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Optimize your payment flows under PSD2 

Accuracy driven by our domain expertise

Perfecting transaction risk analysis since 2013, our AI-driven platform performs frictionless TRA on every order. Fully compliant with the six regulatory requirements for robust screening, fraud is filtered out upfront and only good orders are sent for exemption.

Built to thrive in the pre-authorization environment 

Proprietary machine-learning models built to meet the high-volume, low-latency pre-auth requirements. Balance fraud prevention with customer experience at the earliest stage of the checkout process.

The confidence to reclaim good orders 

Legitimate shoppers who fail SCA are prompted to complete their purchase via your call center. Efficiently handle customers eligible for Reclaim, while benefiting from our 100% chargeback guarantee. 

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