Buying behavior insights: Trust, safety and seamless experiences

Research on ANZ ecommerce

December 2023

Inside the report

How are cost-of-living pressures influencing shoppers’ buying behaviors? Are trust, safety, and seamless customer experiences enough to drive customers to purchase?

Riskified partnered with Power Retail to answer these questions with a survey of 565 consumers across spending habits, relationships with retailers, and more. The good news for merchants: 44% of online shoppers say they have increased their discretionary spending. The bad news? 75% of shoppers state that poor customer service will stop them from purchasing again with a retailer. Merchants can use these insights to better understand and meet their customers’ expectations amidst turbulent economic conditions.

Access our exclusive research to uncover Australian shoppers’ perspectives, including:

  • Attitudes towards discretionary spending and loyalty drivers
  • Consumer priorities across pricing, discounts, and customer service
  • What incentivises shoppers’ purchase decisions
  • What makes customers willing to explore alternative retailers
  • The impacts of security and social proof signals
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Table of contents

Executive summary 

01  Consumer Likes, Dislikes, and Spending Trends

02  What Customers Say Makes them Walk Away

03  Current Loyalty and Feedback Opportunities

04  The Purchase-Decision Power of Social Proof

05  The State of Security for Online Shoppers

06  Consumer Views on Staying Secure