Forrester Consulting: E-Commerce Fraud Prevention: What Is The Post-PSD2 State Of Play?

Insights On How Merchants Are Seeking To Optimize Their PSD2 Payment Flows To Overcome Obstacles And Gain A Competitive Advantage

By Forrester Consulting

August 2022

Inside this study

Riskified commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a custom Opportunity Snapshot study to gather  insights from payment strategy decision-makers around post Payment Services Directive (PSD2) change within the world of payments.

Forrester Consulting surveyed  207 decision-makers from e-commerce organizations across the EU and the UK to assess the effects of PSD2 on their businesses, examine where it does not live up to their expectations, and how, if properly managed, it can help enable smooth and secure payments.


Current State




PSD2 Adoption Challenges

PSD2 Adoption Challenges

45% of decision-makers reported that their organisations were complying with the baseline requirements of PSD2 or still resolving technical issues to be fully compliant.

The Impact of PSD2 on Fraud Levels

The Impact of PSD2 on Fraud Levels

More than a third of respondents state that alongside high friction and cart abandonment levels, they are receiving more chargebacks on 3DS authenticated transactions, negatively affecting their organisations’ overall fraud rates.

Transparency to Optimize Performance

Transparency to Optimize Performance

Respondents surveyed desire more data about payment processing fees, regular updates on market performance, and reviews of available solutions to help optimise PSD2 performance and deliver competitive edge.