Competing in the current eCommerce environment is a bit like being a ringmaster at a circus. A merchant’s work includes no small amount of carnival barking, not to mention a fair share of high-wire acts, feats of strength, and taming dangerous beasts.

To stay current, retailers have to keep track of evolving shopping trends. And to stay profitable in a rapidly changing marketplace, merchants have to approve more orders, operate more efficiently, and fend off the costly threats of fraud, account takeovers, chargebacks, and false declines.

Riskified’s 2019 Consumer Survey Report is a bit different from other studies in our Resource Center. Rather than focus on a particular industry, this report centers on consumers themselves—what they really want, how they really shop, what inspires trust. To develop these insights, Riskified conducted a survey in which 5,000 American consumers across all demographic, geographic, and financial boundaries answered questions about their eCommerce behaviors. We asked what makes them loyal to a particular merchant and what factors make the difference between a sale and shutout.

Although there were some major themes—which we’ll explore in this report— many of the responses didn’t fit a pattern. But if there’s one unifying theme of our survey findings, it’s this: The margin for error for merchants is incredibly thin. Every misstep or seemingly tiny obstacle has the capacity to cause damage in a highly competitive landscape.

Riskified works to help merchants make the customer journey as frictionless as possible from the start to the finish of a purchase. And so, this report includes analysis on how to get ahead and stay ahead while maintaining the perfect balancing act between the endless needs of consumers.

Inside you’ll find insights on:

  • How consumers buy — when they shop and which devices they use
  • How to court Millennial shoppers and why they’re different from others
  • The major roles that friction and fraud play in the customer experience
  • Factors that impact customer satisfaction and likelihood to return to a merchant
  • What keeps a shopper from ultimately making a purchase