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Data Collection
Data Collection

It starts with the right data

The data that feeds our fraud detection solutions is granular and comprehensive – including device data and behavioral insights collected by our storefront Beacon, and knowledge about all chargebacks incurred.

Tight integration with leading brands and fast-growing merchants creates a global Merchant Network with extensive coverage of eCommerce activity and fraud patterns.

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Making the best decisions

Our automated decisioning engine identifies the individuals behind online interactions to eliminate risk and uncertainty from your business.

Real Time Decisions

Robust machine learning features assess hundreds of relevant data attributes, leveraging Smart Linking to draw insights from over a billion historical transactions executed on our Merchant Network.

The Decision Optimizer allows our fraud detection solutions to generate the best decision within the required response time.

Performance Control

Unsupervised AI monitors traffic across our network, detecting anomalies, flagging suspected fraud rings, and allowing us to respond quickly to emerging threats and trends.

Dedicated risk analysts monitor performance 24/7 and adjust thresholds to protect each merchant’s unique interests.

Model Optimization

Robust dynamic features built by our experts are coupled with features developed through deep learning to create highly accurate predictive machine learning models per industry, type of goods, or merchant.

To ensure model performance is always improving, all data used to train the models are cleaned and verified, and proprietary models are used to identify false declines.

Control Center

Insights to empower your team

Control Center dashboards give real-time visibility into our performance. Easy access to the data powering our fraud detection solutions helps your teams to better understand shopper behavior, fraud trends, and payments issues.

Control over customer interactions

With insight into our decisions and tools built for their needs, fraud analysts and call center agents can better interact with customers, even overriding the models’ decisions.

products and platform

Stronger results with every new data point

Our fraud detection solutions grow more accurate with each order analyzed, with every insight fed back into our models, and with every new merchant joining our network.

Synergies between products lift performance

Experience better performance and stronger ROI as our fraud detection solutions analyze more of your business data – from login to in-account events, through checkout and chargebacks.

Fraud detection solutions built on our risk management platform

All of our solutions generate additional revenue or cost savings while improving the eCommerce experience for your customers.

Why Riskified

Explainable Machine Learning

Explainable Machine Learning

We provide context for every decision made by our models and build tools and dashboards that empower your teams to better manage fraud and customer interactions.

Committed to Constantly Lifting Performance

Committed to Constantly Lifting Performance

Hundreds of Riskified researchers, developers, and data scientists work to constantly improve our performance, allowing you to realize the full potential of eCommerce.

Accurate Decisions at Scale

Accurate Decisions at Scale

Our platform is fast, accurate, and cost-effective. With our guaranteed real-time decisions, you can offer frictionless customer experiences no matter how quickly business is growing.

Rich Data and Unparalleled Merchant Network

Rich Data and Unparalleled Merchant Network

With nearly a decade of guaranteed approvals under our belt, every decision draws on granular data from over a billion past transactions processed for global eCommerce merchants.

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