Encore ask me anything: Insights from ex-fraudster Alexander Hall

Get inside a fraudster’s mind — submit a question to be answered in a live-action Q&A with a fraud con turned prevention pro

Riskified Tuesday, July 30 | 12:30 PM EST

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About Alexander Hall

Join this second chance to hear directly from a mastermind fraud pro who once played for the other team. Submit questions you’ve always wanted to ask, learn how fraudsters really work, get tips on closing your loopholes, and much more.

After spending years earning a living as a successful fraudster, Alexander Hall is now a fraud prevention expert with 17 years of experience and his own consultancy, where he helps clients design and implement holistic fraud strategies that reduce fraud rates, enhance user identification, and protect their operations and finances. In his years on the dark side of ecommerce, he employed countless fraudulent methods (and was never caught).

What you’ll learn

No holds barred, Alexander will answer a full spectrum of audience questions and offer insights on:

  • The top schemes and biggest threats right now, such as true identity theft, manipulating compromised PII, methods for employing identity information, mule accounts, third-party nontraditional ATOs, and more
  • His most successful methods from the past for CNP and other types of online fraud

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