Riskified “拒付包赔”解决方案助力Zepp Health全球市场蓬勃稳健发展

Cooperation Achieved, Riskified’s “Chargeback Guarantee” Solution Empowers Zepp Health’s Robust and Steady Global Expansion.

11月2日,中国上海——全球领先的电子商务欺诈和风险智能解决方案提供商Riskified宣布,与全球智能穿戴和健康技术的领导者Zepp Health达成合作。此次合作旨在为 Zepp Health 旗下 Amazfit 和 Zepp Clarity 电子商务网站提供 “拒付包赔“支付欺诈预防解决方案。通过与 Riskified 的合作,Zepp Health将实现订单审核流程全自动化,为市场用户提供更好的支付体验,提升国际业务的订单批准率,降低支付风险,助力其在全球市场的增长。

SHANGHAI, CHINA, November 2, 2023 — Riskified, a global leading provider of payment fraud prevention solutions, announced its partnership with Zepp Health, a global smart wearable and health technology leader. This partnership aims to provide the “Chargeback Guarantee” payment fraud prevention solution for Zepp Health’s suite of brands including Amazfit and Zepp Clarity ecommerce websites. Through collaboration with Riskified, Zepp Health will automate its order review process, enhancing the payment experience for users and improving international business’s order approval rate. This will help reduce payment risk, and support Zepp Health’s growth in global markets.

Zepp Health在全球的业务影响力不断扩大,其自主品牌产品和服务,现已进入90多个国家和地区市场,海外市场的出货量占比也在逐年增加,全球化发展势头强劲。但是,海外市场支付环境复杂多样,为支持 Zepp Health应对跨境支付风险,Riskified 通过行业领先的机器学习技术,庞大的全球商家风险数据网络,和专业的风控专家团队,助力Zepp Health消减其海外业务中的支付风险和不确定性,与消费者之间构建信任关系。并通过 Riskified 独有的 “拒付包赔 “解决方案,承担欺诈订单的拒付成本,赋能Zeppe Health充分发挥电商潜力,实现收入最大化、运营成本最小化。

As Zepp Health’s global business influence continues to expand, its proprietary brand products and services have now entered over 90 countries and regions, with global shipments increasing year by year, demonstrating strong momentum in global development. However, payment environments in diverse global markets are complex. To support Zepp Health in their endeavors, Riskified leverages industry-leading machine learning technology, a vast global merchant risk data network, and a team of professional risk control experts to assist Zepp Health in mitigating payment risks and uncertainties in its global business. This partnership aims to build trust between Zepp Health and its consumers. By utilizing Riskified’s unique “chargeback guarantee” solution, which bears the cost of fraudulent declines, Zepp Health is empowered to fully harness the potential of ecommerce, maximizing revenue while minimizing operational costs.

Riskified 亚太地区负责人Tasneen Padiath 女士表示:“Riskified 已为众多中国和全球顶尖品牌审查数以亿计的在线交易,深知在拓展全球市场过程中出海企业所面临的各类支付风险与反欺诈管理的挑战,并积累了丰富的欺诈风险管理经验。我们很荣幸与Zepp Health合作,并看到了非常好的运营及财务成果。Riskified 致力于为全球电商平台提供安全、便捷、无摩擦的支付风控解决方案,增强商家的风险营收能力,助力提升用户体验。在未来,我们也将不断深耕在中国市场的反欺诈服务推广,通过可靠的电子商务支付风险管理,助力更多品牌实现其全球化发展战略。

“Tasneen Padiath, the Regional VP Sales & GM, APAC, Riskified, states, “Riskified has conducted extensive reviews of billions of online transactions for numerous top Chinese and global brands. We are well aware of the various payment risks and anti-fraud management challenges faced by companies expanding into global markets, and we have accumulated rich experience in fraud risk management. Zepp Health is a valued partner, and we have seen excellent operational and financial results through our collaboration. Riskified is committed to providing secure, convenient, and frictionless payment risk management solutions for global ecommerce platforms, enhancing merchants’ risk revenue capabilities, and improving user experiences. In the future, we will continue to deepen our presence in the Chinese market’s anti-fraud service promotion and look forward to assisting more brands in realizing their global development strategies through reliable ecommerce payment risk management.”