Introduction: The Riskified Technology Story

Legacy fraud detection systems often approve or decline orders based solely on a handful of order details. Modern solutions are far more sophisticated, instantly considering hundreds of data points for each order, resulting in more accurate decisions. Savvy merchants expect much more from their fraud management solutions than simply a risk score.

Today, merchants demand a solution that supports expansion into global markets, promotes a smooth shopping experience, and seamlessly adapts to the risk profiles of numerous verticals and products. The technologies that moved the industry forward include self-training machine learning models, behavioral analytics, and device fingerprinting.

This eBook provides an ‘under the hood’ look at how eCommerce order data is analyzed in real-time to accurately distinguish between good customers and bad actors, resulting in instant ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ decisions.

What will you get from this eBook?

  1. Understand Riskified’s approach to data collection and analysis
  2. Learn why data enrichment is key to decision accuracy
  3. Gain insight into machine learning models and how they help detect fraud