Predictable Profitability Through Accountable Fraud Management: A Guide for the C-Suite

CFOs are accountable to their boards and shareholders. CTOs are accountable to their business users. So why isn’t your fraud vendor accountable to you for stopping fraud? Learn about accountability-based fraud strategies in this guide for executive leaders.

October 2023

Inside the Guide

Download this important resource for business leaders to learn about two divergent strategies for managing ecommerce fraud — and how they each impact the bottom line. You’ll discover why and how to establish an accountable fraud management model and how it offers vital revenue predictability in the face of global uncertainty. 

This guide provides an executive-level business case for accountability in fraud management, including:

  • The difference between an accountable fraud partner and a non-accountable fraud vendor
  • How accountability in fraud creates predictability for your business 
  • The benefits of chargeback guarantees for the C-suite


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Table of Contents

01  What’s fraud got to do with predictable profits?

02  What separates an accountable fraud partner from a non-accountable fraud vendor?

03  Chargeback guarantees and approval rates: The pillars of an accountable model

04  Refocus on growth and predictable profits with an accountable fraud partner