Chargeback challenges for travel merchants and what to do about them

Take a look at this travel-based research with more than 300 chargeback managers revealing the size of the chargeback challenge in the travel industry, the biggest pain points in travel chargeback management, and more.

July 2024

Inside this report:

Travel merchants face no choice but to let revenues slip away due to inefficiencies in chargeback management. Riskified partnered with industry advisors Paladin Fraud to interview more than 300 merchants worldwide, specifically the personnel dealing with chargeback management every day. The company then analyzed the subset of results specific to travel merchants to discover:

  • The size of the chargeback challenge in the travel industry
  • How travel merchants manage chargebacks today
  • The biggest pain points in travel chargeback management
  • How travel merchants can realize a brighter future for chargeback management
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Table of Contents

01.  Key elements to understanding chargeback challenges in travel

02.  How managing chargebacks became chaotic for travel merchants

03.  Why travel chargeback management is so complex

04.  Travel chargeback management transformed — from cost bucket to revenue recovery machine

05.  Four ways travel merchants can improve chargeback management