Raconteur: Fraud & Financial Crime 2023: Fighting the Soaring Cost of Policy Abuse in eCommerce

How fraud prevention can help eCommerce merchants combat mounting policy abuse and fraud to protect the bottom line

April 2023

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For merchants to retain customers and drive growth, delivering a superior customer experience, complete with shopper-friendly policies, is a must. But knowing where to draw the line on what is and isn’t policy abuse is challenging. If unaddressed though, it can seriously threaten profitability.

Featured in the Raconteur Fraud & Financial Crime 2023 Report, Riskified’s policy abuse expert, Joe Gelman, examines the growing and costly problem of policy abuse in the article, “Fighting the soaring cost of policy abuse in eCommerce.” This article provides insights on fast-tracking the fight against policy abuse, so merchants can block the abusers that pose a risk to merchants’ bottom lines while still offering generous policies to loyal, profitable customers.

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Fighting the cost of eCommerce policy abuse

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Risks of Policy Abuse

Risks of Policy Abuse

Understand the looming financial costs and what’s in jeopardy if policy abuse goes unaddressed.

Aspects of a Policy Abuse Prevention Strategy

Aspects of a Policy Abuse Prevention Strategy

Get to the root of your policy abuse problem to build a strong defense that blocks future abusers and rewards genuine customers.

Hidden Cost Drains

Hidden Cost Drains

Uncover the unsuspecting sources that exhaust discounts and promos, eating at your marketing budgets.