Dark web investigations — refund and return fraudsters and APAC ecommerce

Uncover how APAC ecommerce merchants and fraud prevention specialists can safeguard fraud operations while nurturing a reliable and loyal customer base.

About this webinar

The good news: An increasing number of ecommerce merchants take a customer-first approach, which has led to generous purchase and return policies. The bad news: These policies have attracted the eyes of sophisticated fraud rings operating on the dark web. The threat looms larger than isolated cases of fraud — you need to address it head-on.

Register for this fascinating webinar drawing upon real-world dark web investigations — you’ll discover insights that put APAC under the lens, such as:

  • Looking inside a fraudster’s mind: Explore the ideologies driving dedicated policy abusers and their elaborate networks.
  • Fraud tactics exposed: Discover the tactics employed by fraudsters, including social engineering and gaslighting, aimed at exploiting customer service.
  • The real revenue risk: Understand how refund exploitation can lead to significant financial losses for businesses.
  • The role of AI at your company: How some merchants leverage AI to nurture a loyal customer base while combating dark web fraud rings.

Nick Kirtley

Country Manager, ANZ, Riskified

Hilla Peled

SVP of Data Science, Riskified

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