Ecommerce’s big dilemma: the push-pull of generous retail policies

What actually works against the double-bind of policy fraud

January 2024

Inside this report:

Merchants invest a lot to offer customers generous return policies and promotions. Then fraudsters help themselves. Is it just a cost of doing business online?

Policy abuse is a complex problem for merchants, but you’ll get a clear understanding of the risk in this Raconteur analysis, which offers data, insights, and solutions for getting control over this rampant type of fraud.

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Table of Contents


Blanket policies are short-term fixes only

How fraudsters bend the rules for material gain

Inflation and bad customer experience prompt cheating

How AI can identify policy abusers

Understand the risk

Understand the risk

Learn about the most common types of policy abuse and when they occur


Avoid policy pitfalls

Avoid policy pitfalls

Discover why cracking down with stricter policies is often counterproductive

Use three “A”s against fraud

Use three “A”s against fraud

Learn how AI, automation, and alignment can prevent policy abuse