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Meshki Automates Fraud Review & Boost Top-Line Results with Riskified

See how Riskified helps Meshki leverage automation to reduce fraud risk and improve customer experiences

Business impact
  • 66.3% decrease in chargebacks
  • 3% lift in approval rate
  • 20 work hours cut per week

Meet Meshki

Founded in 2013 in Sydney, Meshki is an Australian online-only clothing brand beloved by both celebrities and fashionistas. Meaning “black” in Farsi, the name is a nod to the heritage of founders Khadi Kord and Natalie Khoei. Meshki is part of a new generation of direct-to-consumer brands and a prime example of what young creatives can achieve using the power of social media. 

While still at university, Kord and Khoei partnered on an Instagram account out of a joint love for fashion and quality clothing. The endeavor quickly drew a following that led to the creation of a curated boutique store. In 2015, the pair launched their own in-house label to meet rising demand. Today, Meshki sells to a loyal clientele across the globe, leveraging its social network acumen to maintain a close connection with its customers, build brand trust, and stay ahead of the game.

Damien Park-Neilson

Head of Operations

Before Riskified, our customer service team could spend as many as 20 hours a week on tedious manual work. It was a time-consuming and inefficient process, making it difficult for us to grow. Now we have a solution that can scale as needed, our team has more time to respond to real customer queries and has easy access to actionable insights.

The Challenge

As Meshki matured from a two-person business run out of a garage to an international brand, the company found itself weighed down by its fraud management process. Without an automated solution, the necessity to manually review undecided transactions led to growing operational costs. The need to reach out individually to customers considered risky added friction to the checkout experience, while transactions deemed fraudulent were rejected with no option for a second look. As it expanded, an additional challenge Meshki faced was its time-consuming, manual chargeback dispute process. 

To maintain its promising momentum, the fashion brand searched for a solution that would help it scale up for the international market and free its customer service team to intensify revenue-generating activities.

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Damien Park-Neilson

Head of Operations

With Riskified, fraud is managed dynamically, with models being constantly improved based on our feedback. Also, with our previous solution once an order was rejected it couldn’t be recovered. Riskified allows for a second review: we can quickly recover actually legitimate orders that would have otherwise been lost.

The Solution

Meshki needed an automated solution that provided accessible insights and the option to override decisions. Riskified’s machine-learning technology makes real-time decisions for all transactions reviewed, creating a frictionless consumer journey while still enabling the merchant to overturn declines with the press of a button. From login to chargeback dispute, our intuitive Control Center offers visibility and an integrated workflow that can be customized according to the needs of different teams. Meshki’s chargeback dispute process is now streamlined, resulting in optimized operational efficiency and better performance.

With Riskified making sure only legitimate orders come through, Meshki can dedicate more resources to delivering optimal customer services. The young brand can focus on its global expansion while enjoying increased approval rates, higher revenue, and the protection of our 100% chargeback guarantee.

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Higher Sales Revenue

Higher Sales Revenue

3% lift in approval rate

  • More good orders go through
  • Improved CLV
Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

66.3% decrease in chargeback rate

  • Less hours spent on manual work
  • Reduced customer friction
Damien Park-Neilson

Head of Operations

Not only is the Control Center very user-friendly, helping streamlining the whole process, but we’ve seen a substantial improvement across our approval and chargeback rates. In the end, we just get better topline results.

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