A CFO’s Guide to Fraud Management

Build a predictable financial future for your organization with the right fraud strategy

January 2024

Inside the guide

Fraud directly impacts the financial security and health of your ecommerce organization, which means CFOs can no longer afford to stay hands-off when it comes to fraud management. This report outlines how CFOs can leverage a fraud strategy to address key financial pain points.

  • Mitigate risk: Learn how working with an accountable partner eliminates many fraud-related risks.
  • Establish cost predictability: Discover how to make your costs of fraud a fully predictable line item.
  • Optimize margins, revenue, and conversions: Learn what strategies block fraud while also boosting conversions by good customers
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Table of contents

01  The Expanding Role of CFOs Today

02  Pain Point: Risk Mitigation

03  Pain Point: Cost Predictability

04  Pain Point: Ability to Optimize Margins and Revenue

05  Three Key Questions CFOs Should Ask When Evaluating Fraud Partners